No two eyes see the same world. In the case of my eyes, they have seen a lot.

Welcome and greetings!

You're probably here because you followed a link from @joshua@aus.social

About me: I'm a computer/networking obsessed person living in Queensland/Australia. I'm married with two young kids.

I don't have a Twitter account. Period.

A bit about me...

I'm a QubesOS fan and avid user of that operating system. I also use GrapheneOS on a Pixel 4.

I grew up for 13 years of my life in Adelaide, South Australia then moved to Sydney, NSW then to Brisbane, QLD. My Mum was a teacher in the Australian Defence Force. My Dad never signed my birth certificate and to this day does not acknowledge my existence. I've never met him in person to this day. I have two son's Declan and Ronan and they mean the world to me. I also have an amazing wife, she's my carer, my best-friend & my love all in one beautiful package who I call Bec.

I have a mental illness they call it schitzoeffective disorder. Basically I'm a very paranoid type person.


My GitHub

I'm a passionate open source enthusisast, I've been using GNU/Linux since 1999.

I infrequent HUMBUG(what?) when Covid2019 wasn't around too.

I've also attended 3 x CrikeyCons

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Signal: (Not available). Telegram: @jlg1985 Wire: @joshg1985 XMPP/Jabber: josh@snopyta.org

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Where is this site hosted?

Site hosted on ventraIP in a data-centre somewhere in Australia.